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Pregnant Bella Breaking Dawn by HornedSnortcack

All those who have been through it will confirm: pregnancy is a tough time for women. First off, you feel like crap for like three months, then as you get better your body starts to completely change with a whole set of unknown bizarre symptoms appearing. So while you're off dealing with the new you, the last thing you need is people commenting on your physic.


I have noticed one thing: women for one, tend to be sympathetic, caring and very sweet. All of them worrying and checking on how you feel, and complimenting you on how you look.

Men, now that's a different story!


This article is adressed to all our fellow cavemen, those who can not understand and lack all the basic common sense while talking to pregant women.


Here is a sample of the beautiful and flattering comments I have received from men, who obvisouly all forgot to look in their own mirrors:

 you look like a kangaroo

 you've put on 120kg (for the record, so far only 4) 

 *laugh*: you look like a ballon!

 *laugh* you're turning into princess Fiona

 *laugh* aren't you going ot be the fat one!!!

 *laugh* forget about style, it's over for you!


Aaaah, you really know how to talk to ladies!


Dear men, I'm begging you, please lay off. I have enough to deal with without taking into account derogatory comments from your behalf!

Already, I have to learn and accept my new image, and such stupid jokes, instead of making me laugh (trust me they don't, if you're flirting, it's not working) only contribute to making me feel even more self conscious…


Are you so brainwashed by the fake ideal (tall skinny, blond, tiny butt, huge boobs, refilled lips) overdosed to us by the media that you can no longer see beauty in such a simple natural act as bearing life? Don't you have any other preoccupation that the modifications of MY body?


I kindly ask, take your comments to your own girl and lay off my back! 


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la fdt déguisée en boy 03/06/2011 01:05

Ouch, who are these men you hang out with??? I can't believe it... and when you think that very often men tend to get their beer belly at the same time as their wife gets pregnant, that is so
unfair. But it is so much more accepted for a man to be fat or obese than for a woman... Still the same logic I guess of this male domination on the world...

Good luck and I am sure you look f*** great with your sexy belly :-)

Line 02/06/2011 18:52

Lol, yeah, must be annoying, but what do you care so much? I think the problem is that we, a majority of women, seem to care what others think of our bodies. Now I would be offended if men said I
am stupid, but ugly! fat! Who cares? Lots of people are fat, cool and happy. One time a guy told me I looked like a balloon, I answered I don't accept comments from ugly bold men, we laughed and I
hope it was the end of it.