Shopping in my New City

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So here I am on a Monday morning on vacation, with not much planned today but chillin' & swimmin'. Lucky me...Nevertheless I should start thinking that I start a new job in 15 days, and I have to look GOOD by then!

Yes friends,my decision is made, I shall wage a war against the malls of Dubai, to find the best, the ultimate, the funkiest work look ever! I am ready to battle against the thousands of stores just to find the Icanotlivewithoutyou piece of clothing!

So basically, that would mean a pair of classy yet trendy pants; maybe also a pair of flats. Gap's premium collection seems like a good place to begin and for the shoes, I've seen a nice model at Nine West. And I decently can not live without a pair of skinnies, black or grey, I guess my best shot would be at Mango... 

Wish me luck, I'll keep you posted on my findings and mall reviews!


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lol 30/08/2010 17:20

Hi! I hope your husband et you are are fine and the travel was good. As you said "Lucky you" . I will go to school the second of september all day long and Matthis goes  to school a day
before. The weather is shiny but the wind is chilly in France    See you soon 


Djinni 31/08/2010 07:48

Hello!! thanks for your news! so vacation is over ... Good luck and have fun! i will keep you posted with our
news!!! Big Kisses!


Miss Believer 30/08/2010 09:03

It's so good to have an excuse to shop!

Djinni 31/08/2010 07:49

Yes! totally! I think I will even engage in a review of all Dubai shopping malls... After all, one needs to assess the offer!!