Prada, Lara 'n Me

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These days, you are free to call me Djinni the Lazy Blogger. Seriously, I have been so jammed up trying to get my driving licence done that I have had no time for anything else! Can't wait 'til that is over and I can start driving around the city... But we'll leave it to that and move on to more important subjects. 

 lara stone for prada

You know have I love Prada right? And how I'm always on about Lara Stone? The Hot Brigitte Bardot like model? And, yeah, those who know me know that when I'm not at work, I like to droooooooooown myself in Infusion d'Iris, a marvelous soft, transparent yet sensual Iris note which is all subtelty and earthiness...

Combine the three? You get the beautiful new Ad for Infusion d'iris in a set up by photographer Steven Meisel. 

On your free time, go check it out !

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