My Hidden Secret…Uterque

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Sometimes, there are some secrets you just don't like to share. Evrybody is asking ooooooh where dids you

 get that dress, those shoes, that purse, they look so designer, luxury… and I just nod… Yea yea, whatever you say…

But little do they know that the clever fahsionista has more than a trick up her sleev and looking chic without going bankrupt is indeed a possibility available to the pickiest one of us…

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 The other day, walking with my mom on the ground floor of the Mall of the Emirates we past by this boutique which looks pretty pricy. We were like … should we go in? or no? maybe over budget? Looks very luxury… Hey what the heck! Looking has never cost a thing!

So we ended up walking in, and what a surprise, beautiful luxury accessories and dresses.. and how affordable! I' m not talking high street, but almost, Massimo Dutti with more class…

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The shoes, the sun glasses, the purses, the dresses…

Uterque is actually a Spanish brand, with a positioning slightly higher than omost of the Spanish brands we have here in Dubai, and a great attention to Fabric, Material, and details.

I for one know where I am doing my Christmas Shopping!  


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