Lady Gaga, How Sad your World Must Be...

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Oh Lady Gaga... What on earth were you thinking when you showed up with that meat dress? Oh wait, I forgot... you can't think, for that, you would need a minimum of judgement.

What's up with that messed up statement? Of all things, meat? Don't you think it ought to serve to people who simply don't have enough to eat and for whom meat is a luxury?

Let alone the fact that it is hideously ugly! I must say, you really messed up this time! I won't comment on what has already been commented, I just would like to say, as I often feel the need to say on this blog, just please, have a little bit of respect for the living... 

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la fdt déguisée en mec 15/10/2010 22:51

O Djinni, you don't understand anything to fashion and rock stars!!! She just wanted how human (and bestial!) she remains although being f*** famous! And she's remained so close to 'poor people'
she wanted to make an ad for her local butcher... on this day there was special offer on beef... voilà, c'est tout!