Glasses are Cool (Finally)!

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Good news for all our 4 eyed monsters over there! Kate Moss is officially declaring eye glasses cool!

I have been wearing specks ever since I was 7, meaning that for the most part of my life, I have been struggling to find the perfetct pair that will be stylish and colorful, all the while not being too overwhelming as after all, they are in the middle of my face... Add to that all the inconveniences related to being half blind: exercise classes with glasses constantly falling off your face... putting on make up when you can't see your own eyes....going to the beach without specks and wondering who are those people waving at you when in fact they are waving at you neighbourg... my husband hating all the glasses I have ever worn.....

But those days are finally over!  With Kate shooting the upcoming Vogue eyewear campain, I can finally wear my glassses loud and proud as a fashion statement!

Ain't that cool?  

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