From Dawn 'til Dusk

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102544-360logoSo the other day, I was out at the launch of this great new UAE newspaper called Sport 360. A friend of mine  started this cool project and the launch partuy was a great coronation event, at ArtSawa in Al Quoz. I had so much fun that even I (euh... not ,uch of a sport follower...) ended up by signing up!

Anyway, the inviation was at around 7h30, meaning just after a loooong day at work. Ooooooooh no, the place is going to be filled with hot sexy trendy ladies looking all sexy, and how do I manage the trick to mix both my professional look with the party feel?

Ladiesm behold, a few tips to look good from morning 'til evening. The Secret here is M.O.D.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.

Where an adjustable dress. At work I had decent knee length, andas soon as I was out, the belt made it a Mini!

Also, switch the classic black cardi for the suit  jacket for an immediate edge. Last but not least, ditch the flats for a set of heals, smoky eye make up and you're ready to Go, dance the night away from Dusk 'til Dawn!


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