Don't be Mistaken for a Fool...

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I am not happy about what I saw yesterday, so once for a change, here is a cribbing article. 

Yesterday, we went shopping for an evening gown with my mom, as wedding season is at its peek and you can not wear the same gown twice, no? ;-) 

So we decided to head to Boutique1 at JBR, seeing as it is sale season and we hoped we could find something suitable. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love Boutique1. I think they bring design and innovation, as well as young and refreshing brands to the country. 

Nevertheless, sometimes, some things are just wrong. Yesterday, we were looming ovver this Marchesa Notte number: 

marchesa dress


Dress is at 2500dhs roughly (price after 50% sale), OK you say? 

Fine by me, but when you get close, seriously, the stiching is hideous, the finishing, crap, and look even closer, the label says 'Made on China'. OK to make in China, I'm not saying, but please have some quality control! The drapee is threatening to fall apart any moment. When I mentionned it to the Sales Lady, she said it's Marchesa Notte not Marchesa... Hello? Is that an excuse for selling me overpriced crap and just pasting a name on it??? 

Looking around a bit closer, I noticed another Victoria Beckham piece, gorgeous design, black abaya like with silver studs at the shoulders. Except the studs were already falling appart and the stitches at the back of the dress untying... Serisouly? And you expect me to pay 8000 Dhs when dress is ON SALE??? 

Brands, please have a little respect for your consumers, design is not everything, you need to have great fabric and finish too, luxury is in the details... And ladies, although brands and design do make very beautiful things, sometimes it's good to question the legitimacy of such pricing... 

The only well finished dress on the whole floor was an Oscar de la Renta piece, at above 25 000 Dhs after dicsount...

I think for my next wedding dress, I'm going to see a good old fashioned taylor who at least, I'm sure of, will finish the evening gown as I expect him to.


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